Larry Rairden is an MBA-degreed geophysicist with diverse oil & gas industry business and technical experience. In 1999 he formed Eos Energy, LLC. He now oversees business, technical and financial activities of the firm.

Prior to Eos, Mr. Rairden was in E&P technology management at Unocal Corp. While there, he developed diverse and complex relationships with technology suppliers. He is known as a principled negotiator who creates win-win relationships. Mr. Rairden's creative business style, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail are the driving force behind many successful projects that he has led.

Mr. Rairden began his career at Unocal as a senior geophysicist. Focusing on 3D seismic technology, he conceived and implemented applications to generate synthetic 3D data volumes from 2D data grids and to solve for 3D survey coverage problems. Mr. Rairden was quickly promoted into management. In the 1990's, as Manager of Software Licensing, Mr. Rairden established key strategic relationships so that Unocal could acquire state of the art software and support to maintain a technologically competitive position.  In 1995, proprietary data licensing duties were added to Mr. Rairden's responsibilities. Mr. Rairden had responsibility for managing relationships with more than 50 vendors and optimizing deployment of more than $30 million software assets.

In the 1980's, with Western Geophysical Company, Mr. Rairden interpreted seismic data, created attribute maps, and generated exploration drilling prospects. He also designed and supervised numerous seismic surveys and field data acquisition experiments.

Mr. Rairden is active in the SEG, the AAPG, and in the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) where he has served as National Director. He is a licensed geophysicist (#5257) by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists.

Larry has an Executive MBA from Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center and an MS in Geophysics from Stanford University.